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Erica is very happy to be in her home. Thanks for all of your work and support. We wouldn't have gotten as far or to the finish line without you.

Ana Ferguson (Realtor)
Sept 22, 2016


Thank you!

Stephen Trye,

"The Smith family just want to thank you and your fabulous team at Fidelity Mortgage Company for such careful attention, availability and professionalism. There were several times where we needed questions answered and clarification and with this being our very first experience, Stephen was right there. From working late hours, answering calls, responding to emails and text, we could always count on a response within minutes. We are very much satisfied with our beautiful home and the girls couldn't be happier.

It was a pleasure working with you and your top-notch company for our first home purchase.

We will certainly refer our friends and co-workers to you! All our very best."

Belinda Smith
May 5, 2016


I want to send you this email to “ THANK YOU “ For making our home buying such a breeze ! from the start to finish,

You were great answering my questions and keeping me “ in the loop”  . Its challenge when it comes to home loans ,

And you did a tremendous job of making sure we got the best loan possible , I will refer everyone I know to you !!!

Thanks you.
Jose Maldonado
March 31, 2016

Good Morning Ms. Sneha,

We have already moved and are very happy with our new home. I have to thank you again for the great service that you provided to us!!.

Michael Rodriguez
April 8, 2016

Mr. Syed & Carolina,
I would like to extend a warm thanks to your staff for the effort put into getting our loan to closing, it was not an ideal time for me to go through the process with heavy responsibilities at work and in the university. I appreciate the patience and flexibility offered to accommodate our unique circumstances and we will be recommending your office to any of our associates who are looking for financing for their homes.
Take care and keep up the good work and it will definitely pay off.
Email dated March 4, 2016

 Hello Everyone - 

It was an absolute pleasure working with you all for the townhouse that we bought recently. The Closeout today went smoothly and it wouldn't have happened without your sincere hard work and cooperation.

There were lot of going back and forth but in the end, it all worked out really well.

We are so happy and couldn't believe that we are home owners now. It will take few days for us to realize this fact. The journey started back in 2010 when we were started searching for a permanent home in Ellicott City, MD and it took us almost 6 years to find the dream home.

We will welcome an opportunity to work with you all in the future.

Once again, thank you so much for all your efforts.

Have a great weekend!
Lakshmi Priya and Chandra Sekaran
email to Loan Officer: Uma Manohar
January 29, 2016

Syed, Deep, Nicole and Rest of FDM Team

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for all the help you provided in getting our lost ship to the other shore.

When the other crew had abandoned it leaving us stranded, you took the helm of our ship and brought us to safety of our new house.

Our family is very grateful for all help in securing this deal.

Zaki family
Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

Hi Nithesh, I just wanted to let you know that the settlement went very well on yesterday! I am so excited, in a daze and I feel as though I am dreaming! To see that "big" check from Ms. Jenkins made everything seem so real for me. Thank you Nithesh from the bottom of my heart for "all" the hard work that you put in to help me to get my home! You worked many hours and you stuck by me until the end of the process. I appreciate you so very much! I will keep you posted on how things are going for us. Please take care!!!

Sneha et al,

It’s been a pleasure working with a staff as professional and knowledgeable as yourselves. I know customer oriented jobs can sometimes be a pain, and I hope we haven’t been too much of a burden. Thanks again for your assistance and patience with us.

Linwood Weatherington

Syed, Deep, Nicole and Rest of FDM Team,

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for all the help you provided in getting our lost ship to the other shore.

When the other crew had abandoned it leaving us stranded, you took the helm of our ship and brought us to safety of our new house.

Our family is very grateful for all help in securing this deal.

Zaki family

Hi Nithesh, I just wanted to let you know that the settlement went very well on yesterday! I am so excited, in a daze and I feel as though I am dreaming!

To see that "big" check from Ms. Jenkins made everything seem so real for me. Thank you Nithesh from the bottom of my heart for "all" the hard work that you put in to help me to get my home! You worked many hours and you stuck by me until the end of the process. I appreciate you so very much! I will keep you posted on how things are going for us. Please take care!!!

--Mary Rahim

Sneha! We honestly appreciate all you did for us during this arduous process! There were a lot of bumps but we got over them and made it work! We're in love with the house and neighborhood and we appreciate, again, all you did to make it happen. Thank you & Happy New Year.

- Nikki (Omotosho) and Wally (Olorunfemi)

I have worked with Sneha for several years while refinancing and obtaining mortgages, and all the whole she has been very professional, on task, and very efficient.  She has turned the tedious process into a much more tidy and pleasant experience, and always has the answer to my questions.  If you need a mortgage, she is your go-to person!

Dr. Schneider

Merinda was helpful to my wife and I as we were wrapping up the purchase of our home. She communicated well, frequently, and kept us informed of where our loan was in the process.

I appreciate her time and professionalism.

Thanks for your time,

My wife (Veni) and I recently completed our home purchase with FDM Home. Nithesh was our primary loan officer and he was incredible.

Overall, he was patient, knowledgeable, always accessible (weekends, nights, 4th of July = always!), fast, accurate, and professional.

Specifically, he guided us on what paper work and data we needed to provide, when we needed to provide that data, the status and next steps for anything related to our loan, and the appropriate time to lock-in a rate.

Further, he went above and beyond by giving us his thoughts on the different types of homes (condo, townhome, single family), different areas to look for homes (Vienna, Oakton, Falls Church), and candid advice on realtors and title companies.

The home-buying process is stressful but Nithesh made it much more manageable, clear, and enjoyable.

We both would like to pass on to you the highest praise for Nithesh. We have been spreading his name to our other friends who have voiced interest in purchasing property in the Northern Virginia area.

Thank you for your time,
Veni and Arun

Hi Nancy,

I received your card in the mail a couple of days ago. That was a very nice touch to close off this process.

Thank you to both Ajay and you for your very hands on and timely process. I am more than happy to recommend FDM to my family, friends and co-workers who are looking to secure a mortgage or refinance!

Best wishes, and thanks again.
Allan & Don

Hello Team,

We are very excited and super busy getting to know our new home and prepping for our move next week. We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all in helping us get our first home. 

Teji, you helped us in securing the first home we liked on our first day of shopping. You made the entire transaction easy and effortless right from the beginning - winning the contract, connecting us with the lender, home inspection, home insurance, settlement company and a closing lunch. You are a one stop shop :)

Nithesh, you are the one with whom I spoke the most. Thank you for patiently answering all my mortgage/financial questions. I think I have become an experienced home buyer now  :)

Nicole, thank you for the diligent review and thoroughness. You ensured that our final day closing is short and easy.

Judy, thank you for patiently explaining to us all the documents during closing. I have started dreaming of a retirement home in Puerto Rico :)

We wish you all a wonderful weekend and many more happy customers :)

Pamal and Nanditha

I just want you to know how very pleased I am working with you on my home buying journey.  I started this journey  2 years ago but the person that I was working with me was not for my best interest. I gave up trying to become a home owner. My daughter encouraged me to try one more time and so here we are. You are great at what you do. We climbed some hills and went down some valleys, but I am glad we did it together. My friends and coworkers still cannot believe how quick the process was. THANKS A MILLION. Hope you don't mind I gave your information to a few people. Once again thank you so much.

Dianne Harvey

I just wanted to say thank you for hanging in there with me during this housing process. I wanted to give up many times but thank you for encouraging me. Your expertise and confidence in yourself, your company and my poor credit got it done!! I can’t thank you enough. I’m a HOMEOWNER all thanks to you YAYYYYY. My kids are so excited to be in the new home especially Zoe my 7 year old she helped me pick the house. I’m still in disbelief every time I put up that garage door. We did it!!!!!! Thank you once again.

Sincerely, Tonya

Syed Ahmad and Fidelity Direct Mortgage came through for my wife and I when no other lender would.  Syed went above and beyond what you would typically encounter dealing with an average loan officer to ensure that my wife and I could finally move into our first home.  Due to the experience I had with Syed and FDM I would recommend them to anyone looking to purchase a home as I will certainly be using them again when I purchase my next house! 

BJ Pandit (24 Jun 2014)

I want to use this medium to express my gratitude and to say that Mr. Syed Ahmad made my home buying experience a very pleasant one. I am a disabled veteran and from our first introduction/conversation back in 2012, he explained every single option that was available to me and what steps and things I needed to work on to fix my credit problems. Mr. Syed’s level of professionalism is exceptional and I can honestly say he cares for the buyer and not for the monetary gain. I have tried different lenders and FDM came through for me. The services offered from credit problem fixes, type of loans and programs available, buying my dream home with a loan program well within my budget while I work on the problems in my credit; and finally refinancing within 6 months of purchase to acquire a fixed low interest rate. I never thought I could become a homeowner in these hard times but FDM proved me wrong and this company was there for me. When all's said and done I really couldn't imagine my home buying process being any easier. Even after home buying is done I still feel 100% comfortable calling and have called him with any questions. He extended his knowledge beyond the scope of the business deal. He is a very nice person, honest, very reliable and he is very concerned about his customers. I believe he goes above and beyond his duties. I am very proud to recommend Mr. Syed of FDM to anyone. Thanks for everything Mr. Syed!!

June 25, 2014

Good afternoon,

I just wanted to thank the both of you for all your hard work and for getting my home loan approved. Yesterday I had a successful closing on my home and I an very happy to be a home owner for the first time. Thanks for all the guidence, and for putting up with me and all of my calls and emails. You were both always very responsive to my calls and emails! I will make sure I reccommend you to anyone I know who is looking to buy a home. Good luck in your future endeavors and again, thank you for everything!!

Darnisa Plater

We are completely thrilled that we finally own the house we liked, ('Loved' would be a better term) from the moment we saw its listing. 

We had the closing yesterday, and it was all as we anticipated. We both are truly thankful for all of your real hard work. I know, I was not the easiest to work with, specially with all my questions, but all of you simply made me still welcome. Thank you! 

We are moving into our new home on Saturday.

Wish all of you all the best and we will continue to talk about FDM and the team with everyone we know are in the house-hunt.

Thank you, once again.
Rukman and Thushara

Thank you for your follow up. The closing went very well. Mike was very pleasant and efficient. Thank you very much for your help on this. It was a pleasure doing business with you. You were VERY impressive--in your communications, your follow thru', and above all in the integrity you displayed in all our conversations. Our community should be proud to have professionals like you. This as the easiest home financing transaction I have ever had, thanks to how you managed it.  I will do whatever I can to give your reference to others. If there is a website (or another place) where I can provide comments, I would be happy to do so.Perhaps we will think about refinancing the investment properties in a month or two? For now I am too occupied to do that.

Thank you once again.
 My very best regards.
Shafiq Khan
SVP E-Commerce
Marriott International Incorporated

Just saying SALAMAT (thank you in Filipino)
Turija (March 2013)

Mr. & Mrs Goins

Just wanted to thank you for all of your help with the purchase of our new home. You were always looking out for our best interest, looking for the best deals for us.  Even after everything is settled you still call to make sure we are satisfied and happy in our new home. That is going beyond great customer service.  Thanks again.  

- Ricky & Elisabete Fernandes

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you and your company for all the hard work you did in closing my Mortgage.  As you this is the 3rd time I have done this.  However, for the first time I felt like an actual client with a business institution as opposed to a dollar sign.  Sal, I want to thank you for going the extra mile in regards to my insurance.  I will be sure to mention you all to my friends and look forward to the next transaction.

- Best Regards, Mehta

I wanted to thank you for all your efforts and hard work in helping me with refinancing my home. Your attention to detail and your honesty in looking out for my best interests was a great experience. I was never worried during the entire process which made me at ease. I look forward to working with you again in the future and be assured, I am actively referring people your way as I know they will have the same quality experience as I did. Please pass this on to your superior as I would like him/her to know how happy I was with my experience. Again, thank you very much!

- Regards, Kashif Syed

To Whom it may Concern,

I am writing this letter to let you know of the exemplary service I received from your loan officer. The purchase of my new home was made so easy with his expert help, my questions and concerns were his priority and his response to any messages or calls was immediate! He worked very hard to help me get the best interest rate available and made the experience of home buying easy and stress free. I would happily recommend him to anyone I know and have already done so. It was a true pleasure to work with such a dedicated lender and I thank him as well as Fidelity Direct mortgage for all the assistance with my new home purchase!

- Sincerely, Shiva Javadi

"I would like to thank you for all the advice and specail attention you gave me. You made my decision a lot easier. I would not hesitate to recommend any of my associates to you. I never dreamed a lender could be so down to earth and friendly. It was my first home, but you made it so enjoyable and fun".

- Armel Simo M.D.

"I am writing to express my sincerest gratitude for the service in which Mr. James afforded my wife and I during our refinance pursuit. Mr. James took us from the beginning through the end and gave us many options to choose from and that were best for our situation. I am happy to say the because of his hard work we are saving over $700.00 a month in mortgage payments. Its nice to know that there are people still out there that will provide exceptional service, it was a pleasure working with him."

- Best Regards, Gary R. Wright II

"Throughout the years I have purchased, sold and refinanced numerous properties. These experiences set you aside as the loan officer that showed in-depth knowledge, capability and competency above any loan officer I've ever worked with. Therefore, I recommend you to all interested in home mortgaging."

- Vicki R. Jackson

"It really was a pleasure to talk with you about a difficult procedure but you made it seem easy. I was most impressed by your knowledge and professionalism about the refinancing industry. It was most definitely a pleasure to work with you".

- Thomas D. Moutrie

"I was extremely pleased with the service and mortgage from Fidelity Direct Mortgage. I checked out many discount and web mortgage services and found that Fidelity Direct Mortgage had the lowest rates and costs. With them, I did not have to worry about anything. Without hesitation, I would recommend them to anyone."

Charles M. Hansen, III


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